What (if any) legal personality has SASA Foundation?

SASA is a nonprofit foundation and organization with legal personality, accounting for revenue and publishing reports. All information about us is available in the National Court Register (KRS) under number 0000552525.


How can I become a volunteer? Who can go to volunteering?

We recruit volunteers once a year. Usually, new volunteer recruitments are held in October. It may happen that during the year we will conduct additional recruitment related to one of the projects, but the assumption is that the people who signed the contract will split the tasks and form a closed group acting until all objectives are met.

Each volunteer who has signed a cooperation agreement with SASA Foundation has the opportunity to leave according to the agreed conditions of departure. Priority is given to those who have been actively involved in the activities of the SASA Foundation and with whom the cooperation so far has been seamless.


How can I support you?

For more information on how to donate to our Foundation, please visit: https://www.sasafoundation.com/donate/.
If you know someone who is interested in supporting the Foundation, you should tell them about the possibility of a continuous donation of small amounts. Monthly transfers of 5-10-20 PLN are most valuable to us, because we can budget them on this basis, and thus plan our long-term actions.

To set up such transfers, you should find a fixed transfer option in your bank and set their parameters accordingly, indicating SASA Foundation as the payee.


With which hospitals do you cooperate?

We have been collaborating for three years with St. Joseph Hospital, located in Moshi, Tanzania. We are now focused on building a one-on-one relationship, because we focus on smart and thoughtful help.

We do not want to send medical equipment to unknown establishments. We prefer to focus on one place where we were able to get to know the local doctors personally and the needs of the hospital.

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